Anisotropy is a  2D Sokoban-like puzzle game, players need to control slimes to find and reach each other in different timelines and time points. It was made during Global game jam 2021:


Direction key: Movement for current blue slime

Tab: Switch controlling slime if there are two or more slimes on the scene

Hold Space and press direction key: Change the direction of time

Q/E: Switch Levels manually

R: Restart current level


Merge all slimes by touching until there is only one slime left. 


Slime can move on the floor and the stone brick, which means the obstacle may also be a passage under some conditions. 

Moving in the direction of time also push the time point forward, moving in the opposite direction means rewinding of time, moving in the vertical direction of time means changing the timeline.


The highlight arrow shows the direction of time.

The clock icon indicates the current time point

The timeline icon indicates which timeline you are on.

The slime icon indicates how many slimes left in the level

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