Color Factory is a casual game about producing the right color by connecting nodes and crossing lines. It contains challenges to color blending and space planning:)

So, try to make the color as correct as possible, and rescue the multi-color-verse!

Control Guide:

Left Click: connecting nodes

Right Click: switch meta color for nodes/cancel connecting state

E: revoke actions of lines

R: reset all nodes and lines


Download 30 MB


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Crossing to create new color is a cool concept, but the mixed colors are still very strange to me, I guess there are some differences in the color blending in the computer.

I think it's because the color sense of human eyes is kind of non-linear, while the computer color is completely linear, a gamma correction may fix this problem.

Using color mixing theory to make games can be used as a tool for training art students, which is very good. But it is not friendly enough for ordinary players and cant pull end point to check.